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Handmade Stuffed Animals, Plush, Toys, Pillows and Cushions for modern rooms decor.


Pink Sea Turtle Plush

 About Our   Collection

The Deep Sea Dream Collection 

Is inspired by creatures found at the bottom of the sea. 


Every stuffed animal is completely handmade in Atlanta, GA, and is elaborated with high dedication, craftsmanship, and love in order to provide you with a high-quality product. All of our fabrics are hand-selected in the U.S. The colors of our stuffed friends are light, simplistic and pure; with some touches of striking bold colors. 


Erika, the designer and creator of Erüka Art & Design hand-picks and selects every high-end fabric and material used in our products. 

Georgia Baby Orca

It is our new creature, available in five colors 

 Baby Whale 

 Is a scale model of the  Humpback Whale 

Baby Penguin

check out why where loved by many


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