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We all have a story, and this is mine….

Mother and Baby on the Beach


My name is Erika Fajardo, and I live in Tyrone, GA. The journey of creating stuffed animals, plush, toys, and shaped pillows comes from a very young age due to my desire to experiment with different materials and turn my drawings into objects. I was following the voice within me and seeking to do what makes me happy. Erüka Art & Design was born.


My grandfather instilled in me a great love for animals and nature; I was a girl who lived in the city but with the privilege of spending time in the countryside.
I like to see a child's smile when he picks up one of my stuffed animals, the parents' faces when they see them and the smiles of the mothers saying they are the most adorable stuffed animals they have ever seen. That exact moment of happiness from others is what I crave. Yet what inspires me is aligned with a dream of making the world a better place and where we all take care of it.

I firmly believe that in education, love and respect for animals must always be included. I know that a handmade toy with love can provide value and carry a message to children and adults. I am educating through games, bedtime stories, and memorable moments with a dream companion and a toy made by artisan's hands with great dedication and care.

Do you know what makes us great?
Preserve all the original of a nation

I chose a group of animals in danger of extinction; these first stuffed animals were auctioned to raise funds for a Georgia animal shelter. We currently continue to support these events. Others are animals that have come together because we have them here in America and are protected in reserves and natural parks to isolate them from dangers and conserve their species. And others have joined us at the request of our clients. I am always looking forward to working with our clients and turning their idea into reality.
My stuffed animals, toys, and pillows are the baby version of animals.  That is why they are short, plump, transmit tenderness; they are simple with neutral colors and light tones that go with modern and contemporary environments, with an ideal size for them so the child can pick it up, play and rest with it. The design also allows the stuffed animal to become part of the decoration of a children's room.  They are a perfect gift to welcome a new baby.
Our brand is made out of a small group of women mothers and wives, who contribute to the economy of their home and strengthen that of our state, they are women who want to make a difference with their work. All products are elaborated by hand where we plan the image, intertwine the threads, join the seams, take the traditional techniques to give life to our characters, and obtain our product as a result.
I will always be a dreamer. I enjoy it, I always have a new idea that goes around my head, which I make come true, and I put it here in my store. Hopefully, one of them is an inseparable friend for you or a little one.

Welcome to my shop!!

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